17/11/16 00:04

​You are back again, with another heartache. Nothing is new. 

It’s night time but you are too afraid to put your phone away and try to sleep.

You swear to God to never fall in love anymore, that this is the last heartache you are having. 

You recall how you made it through your previous heartaches, even though you keep telling yourself that this one was different, you know that you will eventually forget this as well. 

But it doesn’t help to know that, you don’t care at this moment about having had forgotten this in the future.

You want to make him feel bad, worse than what you are feeling but you also know that he doesn’t have a heart to be broken.

So you just lie there in your bed with your phone, surfing and trying to forget but also subconsciously hoping that he will come back. 
You are back, with another heartache. You thought it was different this time but nothing was new. 


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