Not every poem I write is about you

As I am writing these words and as you are reading them one after the other, perhaps you wish that you could control them.

Perhaps you wish the usage of other words or of a different intention.

What you don’t think about is that you actually do control them, not right now as you are reading them but as you are talking to me.

And if you search for yourself in every poem I write – I wouldn’t want to say this but – you are making a mistake.
You must understand that my poetry has so little to do with you; that it is rather about the image I have of you.
And I know that my image of you is not consistent with the real you which means that your effort in finding yourself in my poetry is in vain.
In any case, you must know that as I am writing my last words now you expect an ending after having read this sentence. And that is the control I have over you.


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